This 10-day free meditation series will help you learn how to meditate or empower your current practice. Each mediation builds from the prior day, so it is encouraged that you start on day 1. For more information on the series or if anything comes up during your meditation, don't hesitate to email me.


Happy meditating!


Welcome to the 10-day meditation series. You will learn how to meditate, move through your blocks, let go of what is holding you back, step into your power and manifest your dreams. All in just 10-minutes a day. This series is free! Make sure to sign up for my newsletter for further releases!

DAY 1: Introduction to Meditation

Welcome to the first day of your meditation series! Today, we will learn some meditation basics - breathing techniques, posture, hand position and some key points to remember! If you have an existing practice, this is a great video to bring you back to basics.

Let's get started!

DAY 2: Releasing obsessive thoughts

Today, you will learn one of my favourite tools for releasing obsessive thoughts during meditation - or throughout the day as well! You can do this exercise by physically getting a box and writing down what you need to release, as well.

I hope you have a beautiful meditation.

DAY 3: Body Scan Meditation

Our meditation today is a Body Scan. A body scan allows you to go into your body, bringing attention to every area and releasing tension. It is one of my favourite techniques for grounding in a panicked state and for releasing anxiety within my body.

Thanks for joining me!

DAY 4: Focusing Meditation

When you feel anxiety or excitement, do you get "butterflies" in your stomach? When somebody says something really hurtful, does it feel like you were "kicked in the gut"? That's because our gut is our second brain, and we hold so much valuable information and emotions there.

Today, we will go into this area and help bring about awarenesses. I love this meditation. It is one that I go over in my book, as well!

DAY 5: What is holding you back?

Today, you will go into your blocks, core beliefs and fears that are holding you back from reaching your true potential. We tell ourselves stories about who we are that can actually be limiting our potential for growth and expansion. I am excited to help you move past these.

DAY 6: What do you desire?

Tap into your desires, your core beliefs, and residual limiting beliefs that are holding you back from reaching your dreams.

DAY 7: I am worthy

What if you believed you were worthy of fulfilling your desires? Of love? Of being enough?