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Danielle is a transformational and passionate leader, coach, therapist and strategist, striving to help others heal from mental health conditions while shifting the stigma and systemic issues that perpetuate the problem. She supports individuals and organizations to operate optimally and in a holistic and healthy way. Danielle believes that a disconnect from our authentic selves keeps us stuck in cycles of unhealthy behavior and strives to help others realign with their values and goals.


Danielle is a best-selling author, therapist, coach, and consultant and holds both MBA and MSc degrees. She is currently a Ph.D. Candidate, studying Mind-Body Medicine with a specialization in mindful leadership in healthcare, researching the burnout of female leaders. Danielle leads addiction treatment centers in Ontario, as the Vice-President of Inpatient and Virtual Programs at Canadian Addiction Treatment Centres. She has spoken at several conferences internationally, and lead retreats and workshops on mindfulness, motivational interviewing, burnout, and transformative leadership.  She won the Women of Inspiration 2022 “difference maker” award from the Universal Women’s Network. Danielle resides in Toronto with her partner and dog, enjoys traveling, and has lived in several countries around the world, taking in as much of life as possible.




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