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My name is Danielle McCarron and I am a Holistic Recovery Coach (MSc) specializing in helping others rediscover their authentic selves. I wholeheartedly believe that everyone has the ability to heal themselves, it is about giving you the right tools and a safe environment to do so.

I have been in recovery myself from alcohol use disorder and codependency since 2014. I have been where you are.  My journey into recovery began through the twelve-step model, and it was there that I discovered my unique abilities to relate to others and help them on their own recovery journeys. This sparked my desire to go back to school at the Transformational Arts College of Holistic Training in Toronto and eventually to pursue my Masters of Science in Coaching at the International Health Coach University (through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition). I am currently a Ph.D. student in Mind-Body Medicine specializing in mindful leadership in healthcare at Saybrook University.

Through my own experience, I have come to recognize the power addiction has on families as well as the individual struggling with addiction. I completed my Intervention Training with Earl Hightower in 2018 and expanded my coaching practice to work with families, including case management for the family and the identified client as well. I am also the Executive Director at Greenestone Muskoka, an addiction treatment center in Canada.

My practice is versatile and unique, helping develop the perfect program for you and/or your family. I use a variety of modalities to help you on your journey. 


Learn more about me and my offerings, book a consultation or read more about my book, Journey Back to You: A guide to meeting your authentic self, below. 


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