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My Daily Self-Care Routine

Hello beautiful people.

I’ve been trying to focus my blogs lately on some of the most common questions I get asked. One of them is “what does your daily routine look like?”. As I am running a contest right now (make sure to enter on my Instagram post or Facebook post!), I thought this was the perfect time to let you in on what my daily routine looks like.

Having a routine is critical for my self-care. I work hard to help others learn how to transform their lives, but if I don’t make myself a priority, I cannot help anybody. I need to put the love back on myself, daily.

It can be hard to be consistent with some of this stuff, but I notice right away when I am not. I am irritable, not grounded and usually not nearly as effective in completing my work for the day. I usually cannot be as helpful to others as I would like as I get in my own way.

As you know by now, I travel a lot. These practices (for the most part) come with me when I travel as well and can be most important when I am in a new environment.

Wake-up and pray.

I pray first thing in the morning. Sometimes, I have to pee first, but typically I get my knees on the floor and say a prayer to help ground me and align myself with the universe and my intuition. My prayers lately have gone like this, “help me, guide me, heal me, love me – help me be of service today”. It is a simple act but it helps me let go of stuff that I cannot control and get in touch with the universe.


My meditation practice varies all the time and looks different depending on what I am going through. Currently, I am doing a lot of manifestation meditations as I am stepping into coaching full-time and learning how to unapologetically chase my dreams. That means I need to move through some fear too, so often, my meditations will be based on releasing as well. For more guided meditations, check out my 10-day free meditation series here.


As soon as I am done meditating, I journal. It helps keep the channel with my authentic self-open and clears anything I need to clear before the day gets started. I love Julia Cameron’s “stream of consciousness” writing, from “The Artist’s Way”.  It helps me let the creative energy flow, get down on paper what is blocking me up and move on with my day.

For me, one of my biggest tell-tale signs of misalignment/living in a state of inauthenticity is if I DO NOT want to journal. It means there is something I don’t want to look at.

Essential oils

I haven’t spoken too much about my journey with essential oils as they are a pretty recent addition to my self-care routine (I dove deep into them in March). They have become crucial to my day-to-day living and are such a key source of me really getting in touch with my emotions, body, and needs. There are a few I use on a daily basis, but usually, it is part of the getting in touch with what I need process. Do I need a boost of energy that day? Maybe I’ll add some grapefruit to my water. Did I eat too much sugar the day before? Lemon in the water. Feeling anxious? Copaiba drops under the tongue and frankincense on my wrists and the back of the neck (this is a mostly daily use for me).

Photo by Elena Brower

Lavender in the diffuser at night or maybe Roman Chamomile and some Vetiver on the bottoms of my feet if my legs are a bit restless. When I was moving through my breakup: rose, bergamot, cypress, and frankincense were used daily on my heart and solar plexus. The list goes on and on. Basically, it is an incredible way of learning how to heal yourself and actually applying the oils feels so nourishing and is such a beautiful form of self-care for me. Reach out if you’d like to know more.

Skin Care

I take good care of my skin and find it important to wash my face thoroughly and apply my skincare routine morning and night. It is physically soothing and makes me feel like an adult who has my shit together.


This too. I workout usually in the mornings (after I journal) but it shifts depending on the day and what is going on. I find 30 minutes of high intensity works amazing for me to boost my energy for the day. Some people prefer to workout at night, but I get energized after a workout and won’t sleep well then.

Morning Drink

I usually have a smoothie or a detox drink in the morning, or both. Some of my favorites to use as a detox drink are cinnamon, apple cider vinegar, lemon, a dash of cayenne, and maybe some unpasteurized raw honey. I LOVE maca powder for energy and goji berry powder as well. Hit me up if you’d like to learn more about this area as well!

Find what works for you! Like everything, we are unique and what works for me might not work for you. There are SO many more self-care tips in my new book, Journey Back to You. Order it here!

As always, reach out if I can help you on your journey.

Love you.

Dani xx

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